Friday, November 26, 2010

new pattern set completed!

i'd been meaning to expand my Little Softies Farm sewing pattern for months...
most of the new animals had been made after the usual trials and changes to the patterns...
Horse, Cow, Hen, Dog & Cat have been added to the original set of Donkey, Goat, Lamb, Goose, Pig & Piglet...
it takes a ridiculous amount of time to do all this and then to write everything up with instructions & diagrams (as well as the patterns). but the Big Farm Set pattern is now available in my shop. it would be fun to fill up a christmas stocking with the whole set!
xo maggie


  1. Hi, Maggie! I love your site and I especially love all the children's books of mine you've illustrated. They are among my favorites. Congratulations on your new one!

    Pamela Jane

  2. so nice to hear from you pamela!! i love the books we did together SO much - can we do another one? hope all is well with you. xo