Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas book

the holiday season is here, and i'm happy to announce my first Christmas book: Christmas with the Mousekins - A Story with Crafts, Poems, Recipes and More!
This is really my dream-come-true book in so many ways. besides taking place in a mouse world at Christmas-time, it incorporates recipes and craftiness into the story. i designed a lot of fun projects for the book.
there's lots of love & hugs & family togetherness,
and lots and lots of cookies!
(continued in post below)


  1. Maggie, I saw this yesterday at BN - its WONDERFUL!! I especially love the one piece where all their backs are to the viewer as they all work on their special projects. Its too adorable for words. Congratulations!

  2. We love the book!! My kids are already asking for Valentine day and Easter with the Mousekins!!! The drawings are magical and they seem to take you back into your own childhood!!! Amazing!!! Hope you continue to enchant us with these creatures:))