Monday, January 24, 2011

Miss Hedgehog

i couldn't resist rescuing this precious plush hedgie-doll from ebay. she's probably from the 1970's.
first order of the day: remove her soiled cothes and hat - which was glued to her head - oh dear!
 and replace her flimsy felt hands with proper stuffed paws - made from vintage cotton velvet.
(she's posing next to a hedgehog painted on fabric by my big bro - also in the 70's)
next order of the day: new clothes!


  1. I think she's supposed to be a 'Mrs Tiggywinkle' character, from Beatrix Potter stories.
    Her old clothes look similar in colouring to the illustrations too! A pink gingham dress, with a light coloured apron and a mop hat.
    Google image search 'mrs tiggywinkle' and you will see what I mean.

  2. you're right, june! i realized that but then forgot about it once she was naked!
    Mrs. TW was one of my very favorite BP stories, and i had a wonderful record of it that i played over and over...
    now the question is: should i remake her outfit in authentic fabrics instead of what i was planning?

  3. Well... maybe Mrs TW would like a wardrobe makeover - a whole new outfit for modern times, but in keeping with her style :o)
    It must be hard being a recognisable character, and having to wear your 'picture-book outfit' all the time. Imagine if film stars had to wear their film costumes everyday too!