Sunday, February 13, 2011

clean slate

 i meant to post these photos at the start of the year.
when starting a new book i always need to clean the work space and also often do some rearranging too.
this time there was a major improvement - creating an L-shape with the two surfaces so i have a large area to my left (being left handed) for materials.
you can see some of my inspiration on the wall -the amazing nancy cote, sarah dillard, and some other PBAA artists (helping me figure out how to draw pigs!).
by now the space is um, not quite so neat...but i thought i'd show my best face!


  1. Awww, I'm so proud to be on your wall. And envious of your workspace. Mine is feeling incredibly messy these days!

  2. well mine is a lot messier too, now that i'm in to a book...
    i'm so behind on friends' blogs, but i see that you have lots of beautiful postings!

  3. I love your view out the window, I have a little one out to the backyard, yours is beautiful, looks like a great place to work.

  4. How do you get any work at all done in such a lovely place?

    On the other hand, if that was my space, I'd never want to leave it, so I guess some work would have to get done, if only by accident...

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  6. What a beautiful studio space - I would love to sit at that drawing board and work on new books. And I feel very honoured indeed to see a familiar little 'piggy with a balloon' on your pinboard :o)
    I am sure he is very happy watching you work.
    (Sorry for the deleted comment with errors!)