Thursday, April 7, 2011

Sylvester the Birthday Mouse

 it was a total surprise to open a package from my brother and his wife and to find this amazing knitted mouse! the pattern is a free one from Fuzzy Mitten who sells patterns for all kinds of adorable knitted toys. i love that they made the mouse together - cathy doing the knitting, and michael putting the pieces together and adding the features. it's funny because i can See a bit of my brother in the expression. i guess that's how it is with things we make.

 this mouse just seemed like a Sylvester to me. he is 3.5" tall.
we had a little bit of sun for my birthday so i took him out in the yard to check out my favorite primroses.

he smelled the purple flowers,

then visited a family of hedgehogs. they had a lot to tell him about his new neighborhood.

he sought some advice from FatBird about the meaning of life.

           then climbed a tree to get some perspective on it all.

 still tired from his move from northern CA, it was back inside for an afternoon nap.
all in all, he was happy with his new digs, and it was a pretty good day!


  1. What a great present! And what a lucky mouse!

  2. So cute. Great story. I have the English version of that book from my childhood. I'm going to go find it today!