Thursday, May 19, 2011

happy baby card

...and a card to go with the pants...
i painted it with acrylics (plus a scrap of fabric) on my new surface - Srathmore 500 10-ply illustration board. a while back i was kvetching to my critique group about surfaces and someone suggested this. i never ever would have thought of it. it's totally new for me to use a non-flexible, less porous surface, but i really like it. wouldn't be great for water colors, but it's perfect for acrylics.
there's something very freeing about not having to tape down your paper. and because i was always lazy about stretching my water color paper, it was usually warping to some extent (or a lot!).
And i find that using transfer paper doesn't really take more effort than transferring with a light box - in some ways it's easier because you can see the line that your tracing exactly.
And, it's double sided, so if you mess up one side you haven't lost the whole piece.

just another example of the many benefits of critique groups!

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