Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mr. Elephant

I had this elephant doll lying around that I'd made years ago (from a beautiful heavy-weight wool). When a certain grandma wanted to buy him for her grandson's third birthday, he needed an outfit.  Sam loves "things that go" (I made him the bus pillow for Christmas) so I decided to outfit Mr. Elephant as a train conductor.
The overalls came easily and were so fun to make. But the cap was really tricky!! I was having spacial relations problems and it took me the longest time to figure out the folds. It's not perfect but does the trick.
There's a loop on his overalls for a tiny set of keys, and then I made up some train tickets in Photoshop. It was all a lot of work but a very satisfying result. I really hope Mr. Elephant becomes a favorite friend! xo


  1. Oh! How lovely :o) The tickets, keys, cap and overalls are a perfect finish. Anyone would love Mr Elephant. I know I would welcome him with open arms. I am sure he will be much loved.

  2. Wow Maggie. The hat looks great and Mr. Elephants details are soooo cool. Adore the keys, and the tickets are over the top!

  3. What a beautiful and classic looking toy, wow!

  4. WOW, that is so wonderful, my nephew loved keys when he was little that would have been such a plus. I would hate to let my son play with this, I think I would keep it up high, it is so terrific.

  5. Gorgeous, Maggie. I want one of your stuffed toys.