Wednesday, July 28, 2010

educational job finished

Thanks for all your comments and encouragement on my last post!
there's something there that i like with the digitally "distressed" line and flat color, but it needs more developing....
the studio asked me to do my "traditional" style, so i did my same-old, same-old.
i guess they were right--these do look better. (and they were a lot more work!)
i'm pretty happy with the 8 pieces, and the studio is too.
meanwhile, i will continue to fiddle with photoshop...


  1. Lovely painting! And congratulations on the new book!

    For me the finish color question is a never ending debate between real paint and digital... with advantages to each side of the argument.

    Real paint has that elusive unpredictable richness and depth that's hard to match with digital. But photoshop makes changes so much easier and is often quicker to work up to full color depth. Usually adding more 'mulitply' layers helps with color depth and complexity.

    So I compromise and do half and half sometimes... it's just the indecision that frustrates me!

    But for sketches it's always an easy decision. I do most of the sketches on paper, scan them and then patch it all together with photoshop. No contest.

    Oh well... I can feel a touch of autumn in the air. Some short summer!

  2. thanks john. these aren't a new book, they are just an 8-page educational book. and thanks to you i DID do a combo--well mostly traditional but then scanned in, and added textures (carpet) and clothing details, plus improved the color...

    hopefully today is just a bloop in the summer weather!

  3. Hi Maggie, I love your work. Really sweet characters. The bird on your header is adorable :)

  4. I really love how the art turned out, you really have a great palette and use pattern really nicely. I am glad they were happy with it.

  5. Your version of 'same-old, same-old' is nothing to sneeze at! These look great!