Sunday, July 11, 2010

new style for educational work?

i was playing around in photoshop for an educational job due this month, and came up with this technique which i think looks really cool...
but i was told by the studio that assigned it that it looks like a colored sketch, not a finish. bummer!
what do you think?


  1. oh that is a bummer.. I like it too Maggie. Maybe you can do a compromise and do this technique with not so many white empty spaces.. which I do LOVE but I think maybe that is the reason why the client feels it "sketchy"

  2. I like this too: no reason why work shouldn't feel handmade just because it's digital. Any way to increase the range of colors in the color layers while still keeping the sense of texture? The line work and shapes are nice and strong; you could probably up the ante colorwise without any loss of clarity or impact...

  3. I agree with Tim, the handmade quality is great no matter where it originates... I really like the sketchy, "searching" quality of the linework, but somehow the gray color seems out of place with the color values of the rest of the piece. I wonder if darkening the line, and also strengthening the values of some of the colors? Hopefully Photoshop will let you do all that with just a few keystrokes!
    Karen L S