Friday, January 24, 2014

A conversation...

Bunny: "This is my new favorite book."
Elephant: "That's because you're on the cover."
B: "You're in it too."
E: "Really? Then it must be good."
B: "I'll read it to you."
E: "You can read?"
B: "I can. I have magical powers."
E: "Wow. It must be fun to be you."
B: "It is. Now listen up:
'I have a bunny--he's made of soft wool fabric. He has silky ears, a fluffy tail, and a special row of X's on his foot - '"
E: "Hey, I have that too!"
B: "Shh, I'm reading:
'My bunny's name is Bubbit, and he's almost just my age. That's because my grandma Nonni made him for me way back when I was teeny-tiny..."

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