Thursday, January 2, 2014

My new book

My Blue Bunny Bubbit will be in stores Jan 7th!
The story was inspired by a stuffed bunny I designed and sold in my Etsy shop from 2005 - 07. I sold many of these bunnies and customers really loved them.
 I felt it was one of my best pattern designs ever.
 While I was making bunnies, this story came to me about a girl and her grandmother sewing together. Nonni made Bubbit for her when she was born, and now they are making something for the new baby! For the fabric, they cut up the girl's "old favorite jacket that Nonni made me" that is now way too small.
I hope readers will enjoy this story about grandma/granddaughter togetherness, re-purposing materials, and creating wonderful things together!

1 comment:

  1. This story sounds to be my favourite kind of story. I love 'memory making' moments and the idea of sharing a craft and learning from grandma just adds to the pleasure.
    And it has a Bubbit!
    I shall add it to my Amazon wish list when it comes out.