Friday, April 30, 2010

Left, right, left...

I just noticed most of the characters I've posted here so far are facing to the left. Which is strange, because as a left-hander, my preference and tendency is to draw things facing to the right. This also seems like the direction of movement, from left to right....the way we read....although in a book with many scenes, of course one needs to vary the directions, so maybe this means I've done a good job with that, and not always resorted to my basic instinct...
I notice that when my friend (right-handed) is working on a drawing, his characters usually face to the right, and I always want him to flop at least some of them! But to him they look correct.
left, right, left, right.......

Close-ups from the scene posted earlier

Some close-ups from the moving scene.....I have to say I do love the tiny baby beaver...he's about
1/4 inch tall in the original illustration.
This was my first book with animal characters, and by the end I was totally converted!!
I now understand why most illustrators prefer animals over people.
There is more freedom and more fun!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

plush doggie - vintage cotton fabric

this is one of my plush doggies, made for a trade with a wonderful etsy artist who lives in england. i'm afraid to put Daisy in the mail for fear she won't make it safely overseas due to the volcano eruption, which has caused huge delays & backlogs with the postal system.

first image posted!

this is a painting i did for OUR LIBRARY, written by eve bunting, published by clarion in 2008. while googling the pub date just now, i happened upon a really lovely post/review by a librarian on the blog OFF THE SHELF. this image is looking so tiny, maybe i'll post a close-up.

learning to blog

with more illustrator friends starting blogs, i thought i'd join them and see what this is all about...