Thursday, April 18, 2013


I'm so excited about this new magazine for babies by the Highlights company. It's printed on really nice glossy heavy stock. So far I've done a cover...
... and also a story for a different issue. The printing turned out great, and basically I would be happy to illustrate the whole issue every month!
It's swell to have another venue for very young illustration work.
Thank you, Highlights!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Working it out

I'm in the early stages of illustrating a new story by the fabulous Barbara Bottner. This is the fun part - where all the potential is's a brand new world.  I'm trying to visually work things out with thumbnails in a way that makes sense and enhances the story. This one is a bit tricky as there are two side-by-side narratives...
I'm getting to know the characters, deciding who they are, what they'll be wearing, etc.
The main story line takes place at the beach - I love doing beachy outfits!
Men are the hardest for me, but I like this hip dad I came up with.
Things always change and morph somewhat through the sketch phase and into final art stage, but at least the bones are there to build from. It's a fun time!