Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Daisy dog arrived safely in the UK!

theresia sent me this photo to show that Daisy Dog made it safely through the volcano cloud to her house in the UK. now she's hanging out with one of theresia's adorable mouse dolls, like the one i traded her for. one of the best things about Etsy is when you have the opportunity to trade with another crafter/artist. i think this was a happy deal for both of us!
this is MY mouse (theresia's original photo from the listing in her etsy shop) and i love her very much. i'll need to make her a sweater because it's still so chilly here in seattle!
see more of theresia's fabulous stuffed toys and pincushions in her shop:


  1. You are THE PERFECT personality to be a children's book author and illustrator Maggie. The way you love these little home made stuffies is so endearing. It touched me to read you say that now you need to make this little one a sweater because of the chilly weather in Seattle.
    "Would you adopt me?"

  2. What an adorable pair... please post the tiny sweater when it is done...That will cheer us all up immeasurably!