Tuesday, May 11, 2010

mom and me in 1975

this is a scan of an old photo of my mom and me in 1975--can you tell by the hippy bag and the homemade pants? i remember they were really itchy.
the photo was framed and sat on my grandma's dresser for decades, thus the bad fading and yellowing. i've corrected it a bit, but there's only so much i can do without fading things out completely.
but it was a really happy time, and that's what matters.

more to come about the Real star of the photo: Lamby (silent "b" please!) and how she came to inspire my first picture book!


  1. What a wonderful picture,very precious! That little lamb is so adooorable!

  2. Beautiful, so touching picture! I love how your smiles match!

  3. I love seeing how happy you look in this photo. Now I'm beginning to see where you developed your love of sewing.

  4. Mag, you look so much like your mom. What a happy image!
    There's actually a iphone app that takes pictures that look like this - color shifts, graininess, etc. called hipstamatic.