Monday, May 24, 2010

High Five magazine, June issue

i received my complimentary copies of the June issue of High Five magazine, which i have a piece in. it printed a little on the dark side even tho i thought i had overcompensated by over-lightening the digital scan i sent them (it was painted traditionally).
but still i am really happy with it. it was such a fun project for me--hard to go wrong with a little girl and a garden/flower maze as subject matter!
the last time i did a spread for them i was not super happy with it, so it's nice to feel good about something.
now if only that warm sunny weather would come to seattle! it's very confusing here for me with the chilly climate. i still feel we're in winter, so i don't realize so much time is passing...this caused me to miss a sketch deadline today (okay, can't totally blame it on the weather) because for a northeasterner, it feels like, maybe March, but def not the end of May (which i had in mind as the due date)...


  1. I subscribe to High Five and thought this was really wonderful. That paper dulls alot down. But this came out beautiful. Grouping the flowers together made for a powerful design also. Good portfolio piece.

  2. This is SO gorgeous! I marvel at how every little flower has been painted so carefully.

    I can totally relate to paintings that never come out exactly like we hoped they might.

    AND I can totally relate to this endless overcast that is trying to pass itself off as summer! I can't remember any summer where I had to wear polartec, a jacket, gloves and hat in May... let alone June!

    Let's hope sunnier skies soon make way for a real summer.