Friday, May 14, 2010

dancing pigs!

the book i'm working on now is the first that i'm doing all the sketching in photoshop. because drawing is not really easy for me--it takes quite a lot of work to get to what i want or "see"--the flexibility of photoshop is really great, and i think i'm getting a better result. from now on i think i'll always work this way. have a nice weekend!


  1. I gotta get up to speed on the Photoshop in general and the sketching stuff in particular. Everyone has such good things to say about it... maybe I'll set aside some time for it this winter.

  2. Maggie,
    Are you sketching on a tablet? What's the process. I love the looseness of it.

  3. yes i'm just sketching on a tablet with a wacom pen. i use a lot of layers so i can change a character or part of the scene easily...i'm finding it helps with my limited energy in that changing things is so easy,and it's less physical than dealing with paper and tracing paper and such.