Thursday, May 22, 2014

Paisley love

Yesterday I received the sweetest email from the mom of this adorable munchkin named Paisley, who loves my book of the same name:

I wanted to drop you and a note and let you know what one of your books means to my little girl. My three year old, Paisley, wants to read your book "Paisley" every night before bed. I even hear her in her room during the day reading it to her stuffed animals. Her favorite line is "the Earth shook."
She loves the book and also that the main character has the same name is her. It is really sweet to see her love for the book! She can "read" it verbatim because we have read it to her so much. I got her the book before she was born and it was always a sweet sentiment and so special to me, it's so nice to see that it is for her as well.:-)Hope this note gives you some encouragement. 
Thank you for writing this special book!

Yes, it certainly does give me encouragement - more than she can know.
One can feel small and insignificant in the book world, so a note like this means so much.  
Her mom really made my week!


  1. What a fantastic letter to receive. How wonderful that your book and this little girl have connected :)
    And so kind of her Mom to let you know. Moments like this make the hard work worthwhile.

  2. Thats so great, the little girl and her mom have great taste. I love it too.